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Introducing the Pay & Train App

Unlock Your Potential. Be Informed. Keep on Track.

The National Program is continually looking at improvements to make it easier for our members to organise their own schedules and book ahead for training. We are excited to introduce the Pay & Train App, which is connected to your profile on the Player Hub. You may continue to use either platform to coordinate yourself as they are connected to the same system.

The Pay & Train App will make it easier for you to book ahead for training on the go. Both the Pay & Train App and the Player Hub are connected, so no matter the platform you will be up to date and informed!

On the app, you will be able to view upcoming training schedules across the nation (If you are a frequent traveller you can book training in another state!), your currently booked sessions, your attendance history, and the most recent news about the National Program. The National Management team will also be looking into further features and applications, so look forward to updates and releases in the future.

Confused about the terminology?

Pay & Train App = Mobile 'On-the-go' App.

Player Hub = Web-based platform.

Our staff may use the terminology interchangeably when encouraging you to book in, just pick whatever platform works for you!

How to install the Pay & Train App.

  1. Go to the direct download link.

  2. OR download the 'Spaces by Wix' app: iPhone or Android and add the site using the invite code '9YQUG'

  3. Select 'I already have a wix account' and use your Player Hub login.

  4. If the app isn't visible you may need to 'Add Site', in which the Pay & Train app should appear.

  5. If the site isn't visible search for ''.

  6. Recommendation: Add the Pay and Train app to your device's home screen for ease of access.

  7. If you are struggling to obtain the Pay and Train app, please get in contact with your State Manager.

  8. Reminder: You are still able to use the Player Hub if that is your preference.

If you have any further questions about the National program please get in contact with your State Coach or Manager, or directly to the General Manager, Rosie Everett, at


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