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Affiliated University Clubs

Play Dodgeball at a university near you!

Looking for a fun and active way to meet new people on campus? Dodgeball is the perfect social sport that lets you burn off steam and make new friends in a social, laughter-filled environment with games for all skill levels.

Victorian University Dodgeball Championships

Which VIC university club will win?

Brought to you by our local affiliate Generation Dodgeball, the Victorian University Dodgeball Championships is an exciting event that celebrates the spirit of dodgeball and the talent of Victoria's university athletes. This event aims to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for University dodgeball athletes, while promoting friendly competition and camaraderie among teams.


New South Wales


Sydney University Dodgeball


Looking for a fun and social way to get some exercise? Join the Sydney University Dodgeball! We are a new and growing club that is open to students of all skill levels.

Join the fun at Camperdown!


UTS Dodgeball Club


An exhilarating fusion of agility, strategy, and teamwork, dodgeball at UTS Dodgeball club is an affordable and easy to learn sport- perfect for students!

Join the fun at Ultimo!


UNSW Dodgeball Club


Dodgeball at UNSW offers an exciting way to socialise with your fellow students through both casual and competitive sporting opportunities. As a call back to the dodgeball that you may have participated in during your schooling (and/or the movie), we aim to provide a higher level of fun and excitement through social opportunities and inter-uni competitions.

Club Logo 2-01.png

Join the fun at Kensington!




RMIT Dodgeball Club


The RMIT Dodgeball Club caters for everyone's sporting needs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the club provides sporting enthusiasts with the opportunity to play in a variety of events, social games and competitive settings.

Join the fun at Melbourne!


Become Affiliated!

Leagues and Groups affiliated with the ADF will receive a host of opportunities and benefits from discounts on uniforms and equipment to access to elite level dodgeball for your players.

The benefits our membership include but are not limited to:

  • Access to ADF National database for promotion of events, statistical analysis, and marketing development.

  • Access to coaching/officiating courses run by the ADF.

  • Eligibility for league officials to apply for ADF roles (state/ national selection committee, board roles etc).

  • Eligibility for league officials to apply for WDBF roles.

  • Cross-promotion and support across social media platforms for event promotion and league/group awareness.

  • Click through links on our 'Find a Local League' page.

  • Access to the ADF's Partner network including brands such as AKU, Kadapult & Aussie Dodgeballs.

  • Your players will be eligible to apply for National Team.

  • Developing athletic pathways for your players within your state.

  • Able to contribute and actively participate in the direction and growth of the sport at all levels.

  • Free group consultation, or one on one support sessions with experts to assist in any problems your league may face

Leagues affiliated with the ADF will also receive a host of future opportunities and benefits from discounts on uniforms, insurance, programmes, information and equipment to assist you in your community's development. We are always striving to get the best benefits for affiliates and their players.

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