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The Training Fee has been reduced!

Thank you to everyone that submitted feedback, these have now been de-identified and sent off to your coaches and managers. The pre-camp feedback and preferences are now closed, if you missed out make sure you fill out the form to be sent in March!

The biggest change to come from the feedback is that the training fee has now been reduced to $10 for a standard 2-hour weekly training.

Some states host varying types of training (i.e. 3 hours fortnightly) which have been negotiated through the state and a national program to suit the availability and schedules of local players. If you have extended or reduced training, you can expect the fee to vary, but it'll be approximately $5 per person per hour. Changes to your training fee have been applied automatically to all training from the 13th of February onwards!

The feedback is also helping build better communication and plans for the National Program, so again thank you!

Remember that you can find out more information about the program by downloading the 2022 Player Expectations & Code of Conduct.

2022 Player Expectations & Code of Conduct
Download PDF • 459KB


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