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News Update: Incident Reporting

On the 1st of December, the ADF received disturbing news involving a member of the dodgeball community. This person has been accused of several serious offences including stalking, attempted abduction and assault with intent to sexually assault. As far as we are aware, charges have been made and the accused is currently being held in custody awaiting a further hearing.

The safety and comfort of our players is our top priority and we will be following this case as it unfolds and taking any necessary actions as further information is released. In light of yesterday's news, the Australian Dodgeball Federation has released an incident reporting system, and a free service to ensure your statement is taken seriously escalated appropriately.

To utilise this service please go to

We'd like to thank Elli Darwinkel for volunteering to assist our community. Elli has a background in psychology, and is experienced in responding to and managing behavioural concerns.


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