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Hobart Dodgeball joins the ADF!

The Australian Dodgeball Federation is pleased to welcome its newest affiliated league: Hobart Dodgeball!

Hobart Dodgeball Director: Desmond Onwumere

Hobart Dodgeball was founded in 2021 by Desmond Onwumere, an avid player who has been the Australian Dodgeball Federation captain and has represented Australia in many countries around the globe. Originally from the USA, he was reintroduced to the beloved childhood game by chance in Melbourne and hasn't stopped playing since. Having moved to Hobart with no local league to join, he decided to start one so that he could interact with real people instead of throwing at a wall.

Following the creed; Have fun, Make friends, Play Ball, Hobart Dodgeball has launched with regular drop-in sessions and continues to grow!

"We intend to spread the good news about this schoolyard game turned semi-pro sport initially with leagues across the city. Eventually, we would like to clue the rest of the apple isle in on the fun and create a state-wide competition.", states Desmond. "We also host events. Look us up for your next corporate get together or team-building excursion. Fully registered to work with children, we also provide school events." The Australian Dodgeball Federation looks forward to supporting the growth and competition of Hobart Dodgeball, as the future looks bright for Dodgeball in Tasmania!

Website: Manager: Desmond Onwumere Email:


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