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The Australian Dodgeball Championships 2022 Results

Thank you to our South Australian hosts Adelaide Dodgeball for hosting the Australian Dodgeball Championships over the 15th to 17th of April. This historic event features 3 new divisions this year: Men's Foam, Women's Foam and Mixed Cloth. To all our attendees we hope you all had an amazing time in Adelaide for the 2022 Australian Dodgeball Championships.

Cloth Mixed Division

Gold Medalist - Team Victoria

Silver Medalist - West Coast Panthers

Bronze Medalist - South Australian Serpents Female MVP - Bee Moran Male MVP - Scott Dent

Foam Men's Division

Gold Medalist - Doncaster Demons

Silver Medalist - Liverpool Lightning

Bronze Medalist - West Coast Panthers MVP - Jayden Watson

Foam Mixed Division

Gold Medalist - Mosman Minotaurs

Silver Medalist - Kingsford Mavericks

Bronze Medalist - Glen Waverley Gorillas Female MVP - Sakura Lim Male MVP - Kevin Vo Foam Women's Division

Gold Medalist - Sydney Sirens

Silver Medalist - South Australian Serpents

Bronze Medalist - Glen Waverley Gorillas MVP - Lanilea Weymouth


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