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2023 Board of Directors

Welcome to our newest board of directors.

The 2023 Australian Dodgeball Federation Board of Directors

Following our recent AGM, there have been some changes around our strategic volunteers, with the departure of some veterans and the introduction of some new faces.

We would like to start by thanking outgoing Directors Jaslyn Goette (President), Devrim Van Djik (Vice President) & Tyler Bowman (Treasurer) for their contribution to the ADF.

Without your guidance, passion and willpower, our great sport would not have succeeded as well on the international stage, and grown to where it is today.

With this in mind, please welcome your new Board for 2023!

- President: Reece Strong

- Vice President: Matt Reinhardt

- Secretary: Wilbur Jordan

- Treasurer: Michael Nguyen

- Director of Events: Samantha Holcombe

- Director: Christopher Leung-Chee-Hang

We hope you are as excited as we are for 2023, stay tuned for future dodgeball announcements!


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