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We have now entered our Selection Period for 2022.

With ADC 2022 concluded we have now entered into our Selection Period for the remainder of April. This period will be a series of meetings with the coaching panel, as they rank and match players to the final playing team for Edmonton 2022. The series of meetings are outlined below:

  1. Program Specific Selection Meeting (Cloth Program Only and Foam Program Only).

  2. Player Cross Over Meeting (National Coaches Only).

  3. Final Confirmation Meeting (Whole National Program).

National Coaches may also be choosing to include extra meetings with their program or each other if they choose to. The coaching panel will be taking into account the preferences that you have nominated throughout the training period, so if you have any changes since you last submitted please get in contact with your state coach.

Selections are an exciting time, but they can also be difficult and stressful for coaches that have worked closely with you. We expect all applicants to remain professional and patient throughout this period, with a 'Team First' attitude.

Once the Final Confirmation Meeting has been concluded, you can expect the following process for successful applicants:

  1. A letter of offer to be sent to successful applicants.

  2. Applicants then accept the offer by submitting their National Player Information into the database.

    1. If a successful applicant does not wish to accept their offer they must get in contact with a coach as soon as possible.

  3. Successful applicants MAY NOT discuss their offers with other applicants. We are asking this for the following reason.

    1. The coaches would like time to be able to discuss and give feedback to those that were not successful.

    2. Opportunities may still be available to other applicants if an initial offer was rejected by another applicant.

  4. An announcement will be made once all members of the final playing team have accepted their offers.

    1. Please be patient this may take a while as each individual negotiates work, family and financial commitments.

Please know that the talent pool across Australia has been exceptional this year. The coaches and I have been excited to see your development as a player and a training group, and are excited to see how the 2022 Australian Team performs at this historic event.

If you end up not making the final playing team, please know that we are absolutely appreciative of your commitment to the National Program, and whilst you haven't made the team this year, we encourage you to continue training and learning from your training groups. 2024 World's should be your goal. 2 years of training and development is what has made previous Australian reps exceptional, and that could be you.

If you have any further questions about the National program please get in contact with your State Coach or Manager, or directly to the General Manager, Rosie Everett, at


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