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Applications for National Team are now open!

The World Dodgeball Federation has awarded its championships to Edmonton, Canada, from August 28 to September 4, 2022. The 2022 World Championships is likely to attract over 200 athletes from more than 30 National Federations.

As a response, the Australian Dodgeball Federation has officially restarted the National Team Program and applications are now open for players and volunteers.

The current National team consists of Devrim Van Dijk leading the National Foam Program as the National Coach, and Scott Dent leading the National Cloth Program as the National Coach. Rosie Everett has stepped into the General Manager of National Team appointment since September and has been organising the program's restart for the 2022 World Championships.

Across Australia, we have a huge team leading the state-based training programs. We are proud to announce the following state coaches and managers;

Robert Worth - NSW Cloth State Coach

Lauren Keith - NSW Foam Men's State Coach

Anh Nguyen - NSW Foam Women's State Coach

Don Brown - SA Cloth State Coach

Ky Meaden - SA Foam Men's State Coach

Matt Reinhardt - SA Foam Women's State Coach

Jacques Phillippe Ryan - SA Foam Assistant Coach

Jenne Tran - SA State Manager

Niko Seneviratne - VIC Foam Men's State Coach

Jenssan Nguyen - VIC Foam Assistant Coach

Ryan McLaughlin - VIC Foam Assistant Coach

Lisa Le - VIC State Manager

Zahra Hosseini - WA Cloth State Coach

Jamee Jones - WA Foam State Coach

Madison Crewes - WA State Manager

Australia has a large goal of sending six teams (Foam Men's, Foam Mixed, Foam Women's, Cloth Men's, Cloth Mixed, Cloth Women's) to the World Dodgeball Championships and claiming gold. Do you think you have what it takes to help us?

Currently, we have four (4) volunteer positions within the support and coaching team. Head to for more information.


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