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The 2024 World Dodgeball Championships

Team Australia Acceptance Form

Congratulations on your offer to join the 2024 Australian Team. We appreciate all the effort and training you have put in so far! We understand it can be exciting to receive an offer such as this but we ask that you please keep the news on the down-low as we finalise all players. Our coaches are hard at work giving unsuccessful applicants feedback, and we'd prefer they heard from us than through other channels. Below we will detail some of the more important information before you accept the offer. To accept your offer to your team just complete the below form and acknowledgements. You will be sent an auto-response with further information so you can start booking accommodation and flights.

Important Information

Information Notice

As part of your acceptance, you are unable to share information in the following document publically or announce publicly your position on the team prior to the official ADF announcement. If you are found to be publicly sharing this information or your position on the team, the management team may choose to elect to remove you from the team. If in doubt if you are sharing publicly or not please check with your State Manager.

Team Ethos

Have fun, work hard and focus on the training process.

  • We’re going to be the hardest working team we know! Enjoy and focus on the process of the training sessions and when the time comes we’ll enjoy what the process produces.


Show respect for every person involved with the team and outside the team.

  • If you’re representing Australia you need to behave like professional athletes.

  • Wherever you play show respect to the refs, and organization staff and do not call out players from the other side.

  • When people offer to come help train with us, make them feel welcome they’re here to help you train and improve, so show gratitude and appreciation.

Always put your team first. Successful teams have players that are unselfish and willing to put their individual goals behind the team’s goals.

  • If you get injured don’t ask to be put on the core team.

  • If you don’t get to play the matches you wanted to play, understand we’re all on the same team with the same goal and whoever is on the court is who we needed for that match.

  • Even whilst on the court, if you don’t get to throw often understand that there might be players on the court who were more consistently accurate, or more switched on that day. The World Championships is not about spreading the throws equally amongst players, it’s about playing our strengths.

Follow the tasks and roles you’ve been given. But always be prepared for it to change. Be adaptable.

  • Whilst at training or on the court, if something is not working we will change and adapt, so be prepared.

Appropriately handle victory and defeat. Do not get too high in victory and too low in defeat. Learn and move on.

  • This is the kind of mindset we want the players to adopt moving forward, be aware of your emotions when you win or lose.

  • This does not mean we don’t celebrate when we win, it means you don’t let it get to your head.

Understand that the decisions we make are aimed to make the team better, stronger, and more efficient.

  • Respect the choices the coaches make, and trust in our decisions.


Maintain a positive attitude, and use the positive language both verbal and body language.

  • As leaders of the sport our words are powerful, and your body language is always being evaluated.

  • Complaining or being salty is extremely toxic to the team, and also to the people that look up to the Australian team. Instead, focus on gratitude and appreciation for the chance to get better and compete in the game we all love.


Important Dates

Arrival date for Athletes: Tuesday, August 6th, 2024

Tournament Start Date: Sunday, August 11, 2024

Tournament End Date: Sunday, August 18, 2024

Dismissal date for Athletes: Monday, August 19, 2024

Tournament Athlete Predicted Costs

Uniform - Free - Standard Playing Kit. Extras and add-ons are available for purchase.

Kneepads - $0 to $40 - Potential discounts coming soon.

Hotel - $225-$316 - Based on 2-person occupancy per night for the full expected period (6 AUG to 18 AUG)

Flights - $2200 to $2700 - Based on 2 week trip (Return)

Food and Local Travel - $880 - Based on an $80 a day budget. Athletes are able to choose cheaper options.

Expected Maximum - $4,150 - There may be further costs uncalculated, please use this as a reference only.

Athlete Agreement

As part of the position acceptance, you must prioritise getting time off work and study. Support letters from the General Manager are available upon request to assist you. You are also responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Booking your own flights within the expected travel dates (6  AUG - 19 AUG) or registering in the ADF Group Flights*

  • Booking your own accommodation once the directive of which hotel to book has been received by the coach.

  • Organization your own travel arrangements including, but not limited to

    • Passport Validation

    • Potential Visa requirements

    • Travel Insurance

    • Vaccinations

  • Abiding by the Team Ethos.

  • Responding to official requests and completing forms by the Australian Management Team in a reasonable timeframe.

  • Continue to follow the Player Expectations and Code of Conduct policy

*ADF will assess numbers once all acceptances are in and look into a deal as soon as possible.

Further Information

The remainder of the important information will be forwarded to you upon completion of the acceptance form. if you have a specific question about your situation that you need to be answered before accepting the offer please contact the General Manager at

Accept Your Offer on the Team

I would like to be part of the ADF Group Flight

Thanks! Check your email for more information.

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