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 Our Values 


To develop the sport to a level of outstanding quality.


To broaden participation in our sport


To include all people of differing culture, religion, age, gender, sexuality, background and ability.


To build an organisation that directly benefits it's community.


To treat all people involved with the sport with dignity and respect.

Rosie Everett

"As a new global sport, we have a chance to influence the culture of our community. My wish is to see our sport grow into an inclusive, honest and supportive environment for our athletes. I am excited to be a part of this at National level, and plan to work hard to develop an ideal community."

Devrim Van Dijk
 Vice President 

"It has been incredibly exciting to be a part of the explosive growth Dodgeball has enjoyed within Australia (and across the globe) in the past few years. Here in Australia we have a passionate and diverse Dodgeball community and it's my aim to see that community continue to grow and strengthen as we further legitimise the sport."

Peter Dawson

Pete has been involved in Dodgeball for over 10 years; playing, refereeing and in 2014 establishing Barwon Dodgeball Association. Pete has stood on the Committee of BDA since it's inauguration as Vice President and Treasurer. Pete has had a huge role in assisting with developing Policies and Rules Books for the ADF and it's affiliates.

Jaslyn Goette
Board Member

Jaslyn has been exceptional member of the Dodgeball Community in Victoria, and her work as the General Manager of the National Team has seen a markable increase in professional in our National Programme.

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Published 24th of August 2018

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Effective June 1st 2018


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