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Thanks to The Dodgeball Dudes you can learn how to play Foam Dodgeball according to the World Dodgeball Federation's official rulebook in just 4 minutes! The Dodgeball Dudes are a great source of Dodgeball information, news, and content from Phil and Pete from Sydney, NSW.

Learning the Game

Dodgeball is a fast-paced game that can be played in many shapes and forms, but is most popular across two primary formats, depending on the ball type and the rules used.  

Check out these short videos by our friends The Dodgeball Dudes and British Dodgeball that break down the Foam & Cloth Dodgeball formats!

Otherwise we have Local Rules for Foam & Cloth Dodgeball too!

How To

Our friends at British Dodgeball have a quick explainer video that breaks down Cloth Dodgeball and it's rules. British Dodgeball are the National Governing Body for the sport in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, and are considered pioneers when it comes to growing and teaching our sport.

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To develop the sport to a level of outstanding quality.


To broaden participation in our sport


To include all people of differing culture, religion, age, gender, sexuality, background and ability.


To build an organisation that directly benefits its community.


To treat all people involved with the sport with dignity and respect.

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